My June Favorites & Upcoming Videos!

by - Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hello my cutiepatootie! Last month I pretty much used same items previously liked in may so its not that many items to show huehue! But none the less ofc I'll share things to you guys incase you want to try out new things as well! Ive been really into asian products lately and bought quite a few items for this month so you will prob see a lot of things in my July favorites!

Here is the video if you missed out! I'll briefly explain the items on the video! Summer in Texas is dry nasty in the 100s so I wanted to try light products for my face and been really loving gel textured and light stuff!

With that being said... I have  alot of things instored for you guys to see its just a slow process to upload them and fix them up... Life is pretty hectic! Im planning on moving to my own place in the city and work is just keeping me busy! not to mention hanging out with friends before summer is up! Not to mention.... super slacking in the dieting department... Hanging out is costly LOL!

Have you seen the 2ne1's new falling in love mv? I LOVE THEIR MAKEUP!!!! I am going to try to recreate them and have tutorials popping out for you soon! This one is park bom inspired! I love her shes like my idol huehue just wish my eye crease was large like hers! I tried using eye glue, but the summer heat totally melted that glue so my eyes derped up.... have to recreate the look and record it again or just showing my full face since you guys like seeing that haha

Anywho that is my little update for you guys and what is coming up soon! I will be doing quite a few giveaways too and LOTS OF DIYS!!!!! Have a great weekend!

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