october in a nutshell: backstage, certified beautician, busy lyfe

by - Thursday, October 18, 2012

so officially.... i am certified beautician! FINALLY its been about 3 years ive been putting this test on the back burner but i wanted to just get it done and move on to better and greener pastures! i notice since im about to be in my mid 20's i kinda been just floating around so i was a tad depressed! so one day i decided to change for the better! going to start getting healthy, be the best that i can be, and set my life in motion! ive always been scared of ppl judging me and talk down at me but now im just like... fuck it! life is srsly too short to care if ppl like u or not and its ok to fail sometimes! i finally feel great! im going to start learning a lot more and do more! and i will also take you guys on this journey! many new things to happen and videos

so my goals are:
1. get fit and healthy
2. road trip to vegas and cali
3. make lots of cash monies
4. get my own place
5. go to college

good list right? hehe this is what im going to work on and im SUPER excited! so any whoooo what have i been up to? LOTS OF AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN TO ME! and i would like to share with you! went to a super swanky birthday party for some fashionesta and met a very well known makeup artist who does vogue and ppl on the news makeup in the dallas area and omg... shes so like fab!!! she and i started to talk about makeup and she asked me to come to her studio and help her with something for good morning america and um i jumped on that offer quick without hesitation!!!!! 6 am to do 6 models? i was nervous as hell but it went by super smooth! we did it with a quikness and i learned quite a lot of things! her husband does photography for car magazines and i just couldnt believe where i was at and what i was doing! she also invited me on set and let me tell u it felt like so unreal! i got to see local news reporters and also lil romeo OMG LOL! so random! hes filming a movie here for this month and i flipped shit! hes so grown and handsome! nobody there really knew who he was... i told him i used to watch his shows and he laughed haha! other than that it was an amazing morning! hella crashed when i went home!

so what went down for this month? attened han the lions birthday at habachi and they did oppa gangnam contest which was an insanly fun night, went to many concerts and shoes for loyal kng and helped support their table and what not! love my boys hehe every weekend always has something going on and meeting so many ppl! fun fun fun!

course... i did mucho shopping when do i not? ordered a lot of things on ebay gosh my new thing... is ebay! you can buy everything on ebay im pretty sure souls too LOL! i love october i love all the creepyness and the cooler weather ahead! cant wait till after halloween and stock up on stuff LOL! also obsessed with mac lately and lippies geez geez! and all my smooches go to lil babies! i am in love with my friends baby boy the cutest thing in the world! he doesnt even look like hes mixed baby! i will claim him as my own muwahaha

so i have a  tv in my room now and using it to play dvd's and games omg i havent played games since i was in high school! which was many years ago LOL and im re-decorating my room and hopefully it will be dont so i can do a room tour! also bought a cam to do vlogs and got this off groupon for $50 and im excited to get it! my canon one is fine and dandy but its too big to lug around and i always forget to take it with me! this thing is small and sleek! hehehe

ok u guys... if u didnt know i LOVE joseph vincent like a lot A LOT OK! and he hit his 20k goal to do his tour and i bought that ticket with a quickness and the package that comes with two raffles hopefully... if i win... to go disney land with him would be a dream A DREAM!!!! maybe hopefully he will fall in love with me and we get married and have mini joseph vincents running around... OMGERD LOLOLOL im such... a fan girl cray ass but none the less i am super stoked to see him in november! wish i got the vip tickets but those sold out sobbing

 anywho i hope u guys enjoy the post! here are some videos that i posted up for this month in case u guys missed out! been uploading every 3 days! so many things i want to share with u all! oh halloween im not sure what i want to be..... i have an alice costume but idk lol got invited to so many halloween events idk we shall see! have a great week! 

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