September in a nutshell

by - Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Allow me to be the man of your dreams for waiting so long for me to blog. heheheheh let me just say september has been such a crazy crazy fun month!  so many events and family birthdays ahhh! and not to mention my favorite month is going to be upon us soon! i love october! i love halloween and creepy stuff! so you guys are going to see lots of diy and dark vampy type looks! but lemme just give you guys the run down! 

as you guys know fall comes with festivals! so there was oktober fest in addison, grapefest in grapevine, japanese fall festival in dallas and soon to come more oktober fest and state fairs ugh talk all this food!!!! i ate good let me tell u! but not alone ok! my little cousin her stomach i swear is a black hole! that little girl can eat haha first fair i got to experience was grapefest where i went to high school kinda my home town i guess you can say and what the festival consists of is beer and wine and lots of yummy fair foods basically same shit as oktober fest haha

 Japanese fall festival was last sunday and i look forward to this festival every year! so fun! so many different food vendors, toys, entertainment, and seeing friends of course! i didnt take many pictures due to eating and running around everywhere haha! loyal kng was there and many other local brands just having fun! its always great spending time with them! nancy won me two balloons which i love so much! theres only kiddy games but non the less its a great experience to see the culture and seeing ppl in kimonos is pretty dope!

 after that we went to eat at mangos noodle house in farmers branch cuz it was $4.99 lb of crawfish so it was a good deal and we were still pretty hungry haha we ate with a bunch of ppl including han and kaya so cute! crawfish was awesome! who i just met and let me tell u they are so amazingly cute! i see han from afar like a fan girl status and to my surprise she is really sweet!

after that we had sweet tooth and went to mozart and had some macaroons, drinks, and shaved ice! met some... interesting ppl and had fun just talking and chilling it was an amazing sunday not going to lie! i wish sundays were like this more often haha

so yup yup its been a great month! here are some videos that i posted in the month if u missed out! my massive ebay haul that ive got not too long ago! it was srsly so cheap i wish i found out this shopping experience sooner! spending so much at the mall and forever21 srsly ebay is my savior

some of you guys asked me to review lenses and i finally got to doing one! was nice enough to send me a pair to try out and to my surprise these are simliar to the dalis very natural and comfortable! really enjoy natural looking lenses with a fade to it.

and what kind of month would be without a monthly collective haul? i do enjoy my shopping! wish there was a job i can do that just involves me doing shopping my style is getting more vampy and retro-ish looking? idk im just into silk blouses, dark make, tall shoes, just u know getting into that fall vibe! cannot wait till it gets cooler out! wanna bust out with my boots!

sob sob i spend so much i really think its a disease! but i need it so its ok hah! fall and winter is coming and i am not prepared and my skin is acting crazy so i think my new obsession is korean skincare products because i want to be super pale transparent looking? LOL jk but i want to have nice supple pearly skin!  any who i leave you guys to watch and admire beautiful girls i get to spend time with ha have a great week!

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