My Halloween and my bad tattoo turned good

by - Thursday, November 01, 2012

Hello reader! Hope you had a fantastic halloween and the month of October! Did I mention I love October to you yet? Hehe so this month was packed with many events, parties, shopping and all that good stuff! I really like house parties lately and getting to meet people on a one on one basis is pretty amazing! making new acquaintances is always fun. Im not really a drinker I guess more social than anything! idk I dont really care for the taste or the after effects of it! But none the less I had a great time with friends. Ok so it was cold as WHOA past few weekends and I wasnt about to be like some of these hussies that be wearing skimpy stuff and be cold as whoa! hahaha! I was nice and warm SO TOASTY AND WARM! 

Onto the haul! So I have been really obsessed with Skin Food and asian products since I am turning into a skin junkie! not so much makeup anymore since I have a life time supply of it! So skincare and shoes and just getting ready for the colder months I am totally ready for you! and im so getting into essiental oils and natural stuff so im super excited to see if it works and if it does I'll do a diy and show you all of course! I am also doing a video on two shoe online stores I bought quite a few boots and things so be excited for that!!!

SooOoOoOOOoOOoo If you guys didnt know I LOVE INSTAGRAM! if you are not following me by now wtf is wrong with you?! heh anyways I hit 666 followers day before halloween and I thought it would be funny to give the person a little spooky goody bag! She is so excited how adorbs! I'll do mini giveaways on my instagram and twitter randomly so look out for those!

incoming videos! I have so many diys, reviews, hauls, and fall looks just need to upload them at a good amount of timing and days! dont want to overwhelm some of yall hahahaha! The diy sunglasses one is going to be pretty funny! turning it into like infomercial? in the beginning hahaha just to spice things up!

Ok so.... I out of impulse one day.... I tend to get tattoos when I am going through shit or upset so I got this cross bracelet things Ive been wanting and went to a place that my brother got his done. His was fantastic looking so I decided to get one there by the same guy. Well shit didnt go the way I wanted.... There was miscommunication and i was charged $125 for the piece of shit you see! I was furious! I didnt get the artist i wanted because he decided to punch a whole in the wall with his tattoo hand? who does that? so i got this i guess apprentice bitch. she was literally a dumb bitch. rude, didnt know what the fuck she was doing, messed up like BAD and she gave up half way... how unprofessional is that? he ended up finishing it with his broken hand. that was the worst shit i went though ever.... so i waited with that crap on my hand and ashamed to show it to anyone! everyone would ask me wtf it is a string? or barb wire.... so i waited for months till i went back to get it done... that dumb bitch picked up the phone and i booked the appointment with the guy. what did she do? didnt write it in. you should fire her. ended up going in on halloween and waited for an hour for him to set up again. unprofessional. he knew i was coming in yet he did stuff last minute... he fixed it for free like he should and i left. im happier with the outcome now and im just over and done with the place! so friendly note! make sure you research your tattoo parlor, know what you want and have the drawing or print of it!

Its a lot of hit and misses so you know becareful hahaha I am getting a few more tattoos on wed with my cousins at a place that does hers and her tattoos look amazing! once i lose more weight i will do body tats for now arms and hands! Ive been wanting more finger tattoos i just love them!

hehe can you believe its already november?! and you know what that means?! after halloween sales! its always a great idea to buy your costume when its 50% off! better than buying it full price when it doesnt even cost that much to make! I bought a lot of decore things since i love home decore and candies!!! hit up the spirit store and target! omg target has such cute plates! you gotta do this shit early in the morning before the pro's pick shit over and you end up being a damn scavanger!!!! like me! i went to so many stores today! didnt get into work till around 4 LOLOLOL! thats pretty much it! i hope you enjoyed my rambles and what not ha!

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