Crafting up a storm! update on me

by - Wednesday, September 05, 2012

hello everyone its been super hectic over here! ive been busy all month of august preparing for afest which is an anime convention i like to sell handmade goodies yearly but i did horrible this year huhuhu~ i guess bc they change hotel locations and what not the rate of ppl coming went down sad life... well i had fun non the less! making things and what not i love crafting! aftermath and cleaning? not so much my favorite part! but yes yes i did lots of cute stuff and met a few ppl who watch my youtube it still makes me all giddy when ppl come up to me hahaha! i dressed in nothing but sheer blouses cuz i knew it would be hot as hell up in there! and stanky so i kept body spray on hand to spray my little area LOL! idk why.... ppl just dont go take a bath if u know what i mean! so any who had lots of fun! heres a video on sweet deco cases that i made for the con! even though i had to charge super less to get rid of? ppl bought them up and i am glad to have less inventory than large one!

i did a lot of clay projects and creepy skull stuff! idk im into lots of skulls but i did things last minute and couldnt really work on a lot of things i wanted to work on but hopefully next year ill have a better table spread and more variety of items? i should have a theme... i want to make more jewelry and punk grundge type stuff!? i made things that kinda clashed and what not hahaha

i shared table with the talented christian and her amazing art! i always like someone with me at all time but next year i think ill solo since i want to expand more? and get my cute girlfriends to work the booth hehe! our castle is beautiful right? and table spread haha so girlie!!!!

didnt really buy much while there but a friend of mine from mentally-ill swung by and gave me a couple of shirts i ordered and then some! he is so kind and i admire him a lot! def check out his clothing it is srsly dopest things ever!!!! i love roses and like patterns lately and he always got sales going on as well hehe

i had a fun weekend and spent it with great friends! hopefully i will be more prepared and one day have a legit shopping site or something! who knows! hope everyone will have a great week! LOL have u seen the gif with the baby getting its face squished? i am going through a stage and squishing ppls faces like that HA!

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