chopped my bangs feeling good!

by - Thursday, July 26, 2012

hello everyone hope youre having a fab week! i have been pretty gloomy and sick lately so i decided to chop off my bangs? LOL idk i felt a little better changing my look a bit! also been into silver tone or cool tone things lately so im guessing you will see quite a few things in haul/fave vids coming up soon! i look like im 5 yrs old w/ bangs hahah! not that i havent already look like a toddler sigh! damn hamster cheeks wont go away!!!!

been online shopping a lot lately! tried out an online shop called momoko? its pretty pricey... but i saw a few lashes and eye tapes i wanted to try out! the eye tape is super interesting it has like a eyeshadow texture to it? theres two sizes too i got it in the smallest, wish i got it in the larger! i thought it was pretty neat, i wasted quite a few to get it down... i suck so bad w/ eye tape idk how these girls do it!!! i also found these cute bottom lashes that are like not one band its in sections which is nice and gets dramatic towards the ends!

ive been into getting lots of gyaru type extreme lashes... that u know hit your sunglasses and u cant see correctly? yeah... GO BIG!!!! i love sasa they have diamond lashes! there was one other i wanted to buy but they sold out gotta be quick! i ordered other pairs to try since it was free shipping for a certain amount? so i was like eh wth and bought just random brands and dolly winks new lash case heh!

got a few products to review from sponsors! i am finally w/ sigma beauty hehe im so excited to try out my brushes! also got a few other things so watch out for new  videos! been so busy lately and way behind schedual!

also been crafty mood and august i am going to be crafting a lot for afest which is anime convention that i will attend and selling handmade goods! i think i will do makeup there also! if you see me stop by! and ill give u a free gift hehe so yeah here is one sample of things ill be making! ill do a diy vid as well yep yep!

so updateeee i havent really been going out too much since parents been on me for being out and about town haha i need to live in dallas is what i need to do! but just hung out with my close friends and had a date w/ my christian babe cakes! we did purikura and i finally got to try out the new machine YEEEEE!!!!!!! also went to a musical for peter pan it was amazing i love peter pan! ive been into artsy stuff its so interesting and fun and im totally hooked on musicals hahaha i cant watch it on tv though.. has to be live heh! so thats pretty much it! ill try to blog more on upcoming events! have a great weekend!

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