Lets Go Shopping!

by - Monday, July 02, 2012

 hello my lovelies! how have you been? i some how got 800 ppl following my blog YAY! ty ty my blog is pretty much a haven for my hauls and such lol! any whoooo lets get down to the nitty gritty! i decided to record a video showing a few places i normally go to to buy asian products and many of you in my neck of the woods always ask where so this video took a long time to do and planning since its pretty spaced out haha! it was like two weeks? and me forgetting my cam corder.. but i managed to get the shots i want! i was scared the whole time of getting kicked out so in my defense i decided to buy things so that they will be reluctant to say no? i spent like $200 in products not even kidding... i was broke for weeks! the things i do for you guys LOL! sorry also for the shakiness of my cam! i was hella scared of getting thrown out! you know how asian ppl are.... lol jkjk

other than that ive been doing nothing but pigging out w/ ppl from out of town ughhh i gained all the weight ive been trying to put off LOL! i need to slow it down.... im not getting any younger and my body prob hates me! so yeah food galore! i blame the boys lol but its fun when they are in town! i get to see things i usually never get to see and helping out is always fun as well! made so many new friends this year i am truly blessed

so this weekend there was a hip hop show for schoolboy Q and it was an interesting crowd of ppl! theres the thugs and then the hipsters either way i love the outfits! most of them had like 80's type swagger? one girl look like she came off the fresh prince of bellaire i kid you not shit was dope! and not to mention so many vendors there as well! loyal kng, fresh kaufee, and a few others i didnt really explore much! there was a lot of good performances especially dustin cavazos his rapping idk makes me weak in the knees AHHH

other than that i havent been buying much? just eating out a lot LOL food is pricey! but i did pickup a matte setting spray from urban decay and burberry body perfume which smells DEVINE!!!!!!! i love it and the bottle is so fancy too hahaha!

so thats pretty much on me! ive been testing out lashes and so far darkness is my fave for the dramatics! i love my dolly winks, but i tend to glue two of them together to get the desired length and fullness waste of money in my opinion! but these are for now my fave! oh ive been trying to go for natural looks but they are so boring and end up going semi dramatic... makeup is art i wear it because i love to heh! being normal is overrated in my opinion. so with that i say good day! fourth of july is coming up what are u guys doing?  ill try to do a patriotic look on my nails or face who knows! kekeke

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