Amazing weekend

by - Tuesday, June 19, 2012

 hi everyone! so i had the most funnest weekend ever! i LOVE dallas with a passion! i need to move here asap! driving from ft worth to here is too much gas in my opinion lol! need to start saving! but anywhooo! onto my weekend that i have been waiting for! so so so soooooo i went to a-kon which is an anime convention! which is really interesting haha! i enjoy going to see ppl cosplay, the concerts, meeting old and new friends its just an amazing experience and i love going every year! i do occasionally meet ppl who watch my youtube videos which to this day still leaves me shock ahhahha like idk how to act! im so scared half the time, but i met a lot of girls who are my good friends now! isnt that funny? like my friend sarah i met her last year! and now we are so close hehe! shes going to korea to teach im going to miss her!  shes going to send me korean cosmetics i cannot wait haha

so onto the photos! i really love the brand loyal kng! they are the nicest most amazing guys ive ever met! and not to mention the clothes ans snap backs are soooooo cute hehe! and so creative! i hope they go super big!!!! hanging out with them a lot and im grateful for them! got to see and experience a lot of things and i love arts and the culture that surounds it! you guys should check them out truly an amazing bunch! hehe spent majority of the time w/ them since they had a table at the convention and tried to help out since i couldn't get a table this year but its all good! love hanging out w/ the boys hehe

the concerts... let me just say.... i love jrock guys... i love japanese fashion and i literally sat most the time in awe.... i got to be in the press area which is literally under them like i could feel the spit fly LOL we were that close! i was super lucky and so happy! two bands played which was ayabie and oz omg.. drummers in both bands were hot as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i was lady like i refrained from touching... oh how hard that was... lead singer of oz literally jumped off stage and was next to me singing to the crowd... coulda grabbed that ass yo! LOLOLOLomgjk concert was amazing! left my ears ringing for couple of days, but worth it!

so before getting into convention/weekend fun... im always a hot mess before conventions... i usually have my nails short for work and other things, but i wanted to be gyaru for a day and got acrylics put on and BOY were they long! i miss long nails so much and glaming them up! the pink one was first and lol.... i wanted to do barbie theme, but then i remembered i would be wearing other outfits so i took off all the gems and polish and did a betsy johnson inspired nail look! tell me if u guys want the tutorial ill remake the nails hehe!

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