My special day with loved ones

by - Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello everyone!! so im super late posting this since its been busy on my end but here is my bday post! i learned a lot from last year and... you know life is too short to hold grudges and to be angry so i mended a lot of lost friendships and spoke my mind so now things are great and there is no hate at all! i kinda do this thing where i go to spa, eat korean dinner and do purikura haha its like a tradition! im 24 now idk if im too grown for puri but i see gal mamas do it so hey.... sooo with that being said i got to spend the day with the lovely sarah who i met last summer at an anime convention! she gave me such a cute love pack that day too i was so happy! i got a chance to meet her again when she drove down to do wedding makeup! so we did king spa! her first time and she loved it! she has so much to say and i love it! i feel like i known her for  a long time thats how chill and sweet she is and king spa was much needed! i use to go all the time, but u know  how it goes! work work work! we had a blast and i ended up doing gal makeup on her hehehe!

after that went to omi's for dinner which is like all you can eat meat fest!?!?!? its like my fave place to eat i have to like starve all day just to eat! LOL! i think all i had was a boiled egg for breakfast and thats it! its really yummy and if you are in the dallas area i would check it out! great place to eat w/ friends though the service isnt all that great, but hey its asian restaurant its a given lol XD they stuck us in the back and shorted me chairs, but it was fine! ppl came early and had to leave early so we just drank some shots and said goodbyes hehe! i am so blessed to have the friends i have we been through a lot and i learned a lot i wish others could of went... it would of been even more fun! but i am thankful!

went to do some quick purikura and omg... 16 ppl trying to fit into booth was hard HAHA so we had to like alternate! it was pretty hot and toasty doing this! plus king spa activated my sweat?! i usually dont sweat much but oh lord! sweating bullets and hair was starting to fall! im growing out my bangs and want to have like boho style hair or something like that!

after that went to mozarts to grab sweets! and presents! haha my friend brenda is so funny.... but i love cash money! parents gave me $400 too so i... am a lucky girl! this year starting off real good REAL GOOD! hehe so the big tables were taken up and we all tried to squish into one booth reminiscing and what not! they sung happy bday to me and haha! so ghetto.. half eaten pound cake was my bday cake hahahahaha

after that went karaoke nearby and they charged like every 10 min? craycray shit... but i had fun! tried to sing like... glamourous sky, cassis, the final and omg... trying to look up romaji for that shit was difficult and sarah! blew me away! that girl can sing! and really good at korean songs! im like well shit! need to like learn some songs before i go next time! but i got my dindin and karaoke paid for wooooooot! had a blast i love dallas! until next time!

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