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by - Thursday, January 12, 2012

hello everyone and happy late new year! i hope all is well in your area! im going to do my best this year by doing more tutorials, vlogs, blog, be healthy, be kind, and wiser! no more bs and having my heart crushed by wavering friends! this year i am doing me and just me! i got the opportunity to do runway makeup this weekend and im hella excited! things are finally looking my way hehe last year was pretty shitty like by far the worst year of my life... but i gotta keep moving on and not stress as much wooo!

soooo today i did light shopping! and there were all these sales going on so its to hard to pass them up! went to bath and body and the christmas stuff was on sale and these little miniature items i got were 75% off so i bought a lot to put into my 15k subs contest which is coming soon! i am thankful for the support so going to do a big contest! also bought a few hand creams for me and the country chic is my fave fave fave scent atm!

went into banana and my little eyes caught this gorgeous i mean gorgeous nail polishes!!!! they are so beautiful and dark! the purple one caught my eye and so did the dark blue! they dont have names on the bottles blah!!! anyways cannot wait to try these polishes out i really like the bottles most of all! they were on sale woot woot 40% off yay!

ok so i saw a few nebula nail art designs on tumblr and there was one that was amazing looking that glow in the dark, but its sold in like... spain or some shit... so i looked up quite a few different kinds and they are mostly from halloween theme stuff?!? but i did come across someone using justice nail polish and it glowed pretty nicely so im hoping they will work for me! plus it has a built in light to help it shine on! cannot wait to do a nebula nail art tutorial soon oh and it was 40% off hehe

had to go into forever21 i spotted a few braceletes online that i liked and i rather go in stores and try to find what i like before buying online bc... i learned my lesson... buying online u cant really see or test the items out and so yes that is kinda my strategy! online is last resort! haha so i love braided chain stuff and i bought a shower cap to sleep w/ hair masks on and some cute hello kitty tissues!

went to nordstrom and bought two bags one for my laptop and one for me! it has skulls on it which i am obsessed with atm! and i love the details on it! there was a creamy greyish one i wanted but i couldnt get two... i was so torn but i think i did good with my temptations lol!

after that went to walmart to get some wet n wild palettes since i keep seeing good reviews on them and decided to get these three! i really like the frosty white one in the blue palette ( sorry forgot to get the names) i cannot wait to try these colors out!

last week spent a great night with the girls and did purikura and christmas gift exchange! i gave a bh cosmetic palette to my friend kristina and i recieved a forever21 gift card and a cute plush heart she made kyaaaaa!!! after that we went to mozart and took pictures and ate yummy cakes and macaroons hehe oh and went to the gift store and found two super cute charms for my bag!

this year is starting out beautifully! getting all these makeup events lining up for me and im going to do my best to get out there! birthday is this friday and sunday im going to have korean bbq with my close friends and family, purikura, karaoke and chill at mozarts haha cannot wait!!!

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