New Camera && Haulage

Hey everyone! soooo i got a new camera thats hd finally! its canon vixia hf m40 and i bought it on amazon that came with like shit ton of things that i prob wont use but hey for a few extra g's and all that stuff? im so down to get! LOL! it was 580 with everything including tax so i am oneee happy camper! still playing around with it, but u guys are going to be so happy! hd for now on crystal clear quality! no more complaints oohhhh im on cloud nine!

anywho with that being said... sorry i havent been uploading the blog as much as i hoped to! here is just a small haul that i got from ulta, sephora, and bhcosmetics! sephora is doing a sale on the tokidoki 24 karate gold line so i would jump on it! and ulta is carrying this to die for polish from essie called "shine of the times" which i think is comparable to the sally hansen hidden treasure polish just more gold flecks in this polish! but i love it looooooove it! and 8 bucks to boot? the hidden treasure the last time i check was like going for 20$ =_____= but i am happy with my haul! many more are coming through the mail LOL

anywho here are some swatches i did for the bhcosmetic haul! first two are lip liners nude and retro! nude is waaaaaaay dark for a nude looks so brown! ugh lol and retro is like a cherry red since ive been digging red lips for winter and the cream gel liners are soooo soft! and pigmented and creamy yay! going to start getting into gel liners since they look more clean cut than liquid liners.

every year december is excuse to shop month i love it! haha ive been super busy with doing tutorials as well! going to start doing more on my new cam and prob just do vlog vids on my old sony cam since its small and i can just toss it in my bag and be on the go! hehehe i hope u gals and guys have a fab holiday! going to be cooking up a storm as well and ugh so need to find outfit for christmas! talk to u guys soon! here is a gyaru popteen nana suzuki tutorial weeeeeeeeeeeeee

Phiphi Nguyen


THT Christina said...

Yay for the new camera! Your videos are going to be so mich clearer so that will be nice ^^ the tutorial was cute, i love Suzuki, she's friggin' adorable!!

Fron :D

Emilie said...

December is also a month for me to keep shopping lol. let use know how the camera works!

chaya bunny said...

i jumped on that tokidoki sale myself last week. o_o dat palette, srsly is CUTE AS FUCK. o:

Honey from said...

oooh i want that camera!!

Emy said...

OMG congrats on the new camera!