Cheap spoils of the night! Gave into drugstore lippie craze

by - Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello dolls! so im going to tell you what an adventure i had looking for the famous revlon lip butters ive been hearing so much about! target, walmart, cvs, walgreens i went to a bagillion! i found one walgreens that had some but they were used! (ACK you nasty bitches.....) finally though i found it! it was kind of picked over and the little stand it came on was kinda pathetic and small so i only got three *sad face* but i  think my spoils are pretty neat! i need to slow it down on lip products... the most i use from the is like 2-3x and  then it collects dust ugh! (its the shop-a-holic syndrome) anywho i only purchased three that i thought looked really pretty and like the swatches ive seen online! so i got lollipop, peach parfait, and sweet tart i just love the colors and it has all this good moisturizing stuff for the winter teehee and mind you.... it was buy one get one half off on revlon and loreal! and the cashier girl was like telling me i must love lipsticks, told her my sad long journey to finding these babies and so she started scanning all these coupons LOL i told her i can just kiss her on the lips! today is a good night! telling ya! shopping makes me so happy~

 so i saw lots of good reviews for these and last 10 hrs? i can't wait to try these i just love gwen stefanies ad and i am really digging red lips with my black hur! and these colors look really pretty too! all kind of in the red family lol! so i picked up the ravishing red, enduring berry, perpetual peach, and blazing sangria.

so i bought this because it was on of itsjudytimes fave red and i really like it as well and stays on pretty good too just hate that theres this.. like stain thats left or idk how to explain it bits here and there are hard to come off and rubbing it mucho only trick to getting it off but other then that its a pretty red!

its winter and it was 4$ so i will keep both in my bag! lots of raves on this and i want me some baby lips! i love minty chapsticks so course got the peppermint and pink punch cuz its pink lololol! nothing wrong with baby lips for 8 hrs eh?

i like this dye because im special when it comes to re-dying my hair and have those cheetah spots so this does the job! it last pretty long too! my hair is really bad so im surprise the color stuck for so long! if you guys didnt know i colored it black and want it to be healthy again no more dying sigh.... i always say that but i want my hair to be down my butt thick and purty! so im doing everything in my power to get it healthy and so fresh and so clean clean!

thats about it on my haul of the night you guys should check out walgreens! sales sales sales!

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