black friday is around the corner! update on moi

by - Friday, November 18, 2011

hello lovelies! its been awhile! soooo as you guys know that amazing day after a thankful turkey finger licking day.... black friday! the sale day of greatness! the day you stay at the store all night just to get top items or early christmas shopping lol! i kinda enjoy it really! its kinda fun! reading free magazines (HEHEHE), staying in line and converse with strangers... ive only did it twice this year will be my third but its so fun just staying up all night and sleeping in! so here are the things i want to buy of course! mostly cameras and gps since my ass always gets lost and ppl complaining about my video quality haha!

oh and things to come! lots of videos haha just slow at editing them so here are sneak peak pictures i love the nails! have them on atm sooo hipster right? haha but yup yup lots of videos to edit!!!! ill post up videos that i recently uploaded idk im starting to upload them every other day or so just u know to keep it spicy with u duh!

happy penguin nails! isnt it soooo adorably cute?!?! inspired by happy feet ahahaha

this is perfect for spring/summer time! roses and polka dots i just love love love the roses hehe

and my haul... i think ive upraded nicely to korilakkuma from hello kitty haha im such a dweeb! i can't get enough of cute things!

well thats about it for now! sorry for posting so slowwwww ill try harder hehe bye bye blog peeps!

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