my halloween giveaway!

hey girl hey! so im throwing a contest which ends on the 31st of this month just a thank you for my readers and subscribers so watch video for more details! this month is going to be busy! moving back with my parents for a little while till i find my own place hehe!

and here is a sneak peak of the prizes! this is just a few in the pic haha i bought more items! you get my crafted items, urban decay, diamond lenses and much more wooot woot!

i hope you guys will enter! still have plenty of time hehe!

Phiphi Nguyen


montronix said...

can you add a subscribe to this blog by email option? it would be awesome. plus, i never saw this video on youtube and i've been subscribed to you for eons. :(

but i would love love to just get your blogposts in my email box. please consider that as an option!

thanks !!! xx

Luli said...

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