face shop finally opened and my busy week!

by - Thursday, September 15, 2011

hello everyone! sorry im lacking in the vids and blogger posts just been busy with work and convention! which i have such a super uber haul! and i didnt really try any products during august but a lot this month so watch out for a video!

so finally... dallas has a face shop! FINALLY! i got my h&m here too! my prayers are slowly being answered! anyways u know i had to flip shit when i saw the store lol its in carrollton next to hmart if you guys are in my neck of the woods! face shop is korean beauty/skin care store and omg its so like clean and beautiful and that main character from playful kiss is plastered everywhere hot damn... but anyways back to the products and things LOL im on the wait list for the white nose clay mask that xpink blogged about so i kept coming in the store asking the lady and shes like not yet next week (kept telling me that lol) so i just left my number and the item i wanted so i cant wait! i ended up getting a cool rice exfoliant which you just add to your cleanser and i have to say its pretty cool! its finely grated? grinded? its just fine! and feels so niceee but yeah so much stuff there! i cant be blowing money though in a sorda saving... kinda. lol! but they have makeup, nail polish, skin care, masks just a lot of stuff eeee!

next ok.... if you guys go to like anime conventions here in dallas ive been going for like 2 years? akon and afest and ive been having a booth just selling cute little handmade goods since thats the kind of things i like to do! though i dont really watch anime or understand half the things ppl wear or do or say im just sitting there with my happy ass selling selling selling LOL and buying. lordy... imported rilakkuma is the death of me i swear i always buy a doll or some shit at these convention plus there are some hot ass japanese guys! have u guys heard of the brand sixh? they travel to all sorts of conventions so my friend got to work their booths passing out flyers and wear their clothes (i was jealous the whole time!) i wore my rilakkuma suit and ibi patted my head... several times and i just stared in awe... he also did a y u no face with my friend LOLOL omg why is he so hot i dont understand!?!?!!? but yeah... had fun prob going to do it next year just need more ideas on what to make! oh and a i met a few cool ppl who knew me from youtube and was so happy that they wanted to talk with me hehehe

 sephora haul nothing special! ran out of my smashbox primer the um clear one and decided to try the green since i have so much pink/red undertones ugh so hopefully i will fall in love with the green primer! also bought my holy grail item! dior lip glow this is my fourth one i just love this stuff! and some face pads? wipes? soft and sturdy! my cousin flipped when she saw me buy it and called me fancy LOL i just dont like the cotton pads leaving residu on my face and tearing up... shits not cute!

since the mall is near my work place been going to sephora and forever21 a lot and ive been obsessing over pyramids, studs, braided friendship braceletes and animal shaped rings!

posting up some food places ive been too hahah ill start doing that as well HEHEHEHE! la madeline is my fave place but oh so expensive! i love the tomato basil soup and cesar salad hehe  and their fruit tarts omg... its like a once in awhile kind of place to eat at for me idk i would prob become a whale... ha

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