sephora vib? haul what?

by - Wednesday, August 17, 2011

oops i did it again... went on a shopping spree? i srsly need to stop going to the mall!!! it will be the death of me.. but any who im going to be swaggerific x 100... million! lol so after buying so much at sephora they finally gave me a vib! and becoming vib you get like discounts once in awhile? like first time you become one u get 10% off and then holidays u get stuff through mail yadida! sephora lashes are pretty nice! i really like these because it comes individual pieces instead of one band! and i like the makeupforever liquid liners omg that stuff stayes on for a long long long time!!! i got it in a light electric blue ( for a park bom tut)

anywho after i already purchased a lot already i randomly bought other things i wanted with the discount! so first thing first was the nars items ive always wanted to try the laguna bronzer and the hungry heart highlighter and of course its like amazing! the highlighter gives you just enough highlight that my face needs and the bronzer is gorgeous!

they gave me a little sample box filled with goodies and i finally got to have my own urban decay 15th annie palette wee! the colors look freaking amazing i cant wait to try them out! this month has been good to me haha and had to get me my holy grail makeup remover from clinque~ and i wanted a new smell as well and if been really loving the gucci flora

went to nordstrom and got some more correcter for my eyes. its suppose to be a base for concealer or whatever but i just use it as concealer doesnt crease up or look cakey so this is like my holy grail item as well and bought some new toms! i really wanted the ivory one but they keep selling out sigh... i guess ill start buying them from the toms website instead, but yeah im obsessed with toms they are so comfy and so cuuute!

also went to forever21 and got some more swag stuff lololol im like into charm braceletes and like... wearing them in bulk? idk and i also got some cheetah flats that were only 10$ good sale!!! into cheetah too! i think im into lots of stuff lololol

went to target to buy new liquid liner and i saw the sonia polishes and they are so cute! i really really really like the taupe color! and it looks so fab on the nails hehe

did i tell you guys i love getting things in the mail!? i finally recieved my blinged out iphone case omg........ i am the happiest person ever!!!!! i got it from myblingbling and they have so much to choose from it was so hard to choose but you know me and hello kitty go way back! and when i got it one of the flowers broke but i easily glued that together and they are so nice to send spare gems just incase i like man handel my phone but im going to put this in a bag of its own LOL sooo yeah i also got my instax camera which ive been wanting since forever as well! OMG! i love love love love the things i got LOL

yup yup that is my haul! this is like starting to become haul kind of blog oh lordy... ill try to switch it up for you guys! here are some new nail tutorials i uploaded! to add to your fab outfits! and perfect for the summer hehe any who thanks for stopping by my blog been super super busy! got to think of some contest to throw soon!

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