the haul. dying from the cuteness

by - Sunday, April 10, 2011

I think I did pretty well with less shopping.... LOL well I tried! This haul you will find my ring obsession, makeup, cute shit you know... the usual! Its getting hot over here in texas... last week was pretty cold and confused so good thing I didnt store away my winter clothes hehe! so onto the haul shall we? lots to cover! I like sundays... get things done day!

hmart gift shop haul~ lol they sell... fake rilakkuma stuff and some are so derp derp but i needed some to go with my outfit for anime convention hehe and a little phone holder for my kick ass iphone dec'd in rilakkuma lol be jealous!

strapya haul! i ordered more a few days after this so i should get the other things in but omg im so obsessed with rilakkuma shit like no other!!!! i have so many charms idk what to do with them.... and omg they had fox tails too!!!! now i need to get a pair of jeans with belt loops lol

bought these on ebay! since i do the nail polish method on my rings i wear a lot like all the time! i love crowns, skulls, and nana so when i got these i pretty much wear them all the time! nana is like inspiration i love the style and ugh.. i want to have a group of friends like that... and my apartment to be like theirs? LOL all white and well some cute pinks
this ring cost... 15 bucks like i kid you not... charming charlies is so effing expensive but i had a gift card to there so i spent it on this bad ars peacock ring!!!! iiiiiii LOVE IT! its my favorite ring of all time no joke hehe

omg... so these juicy elastic band bracelets are so cute and classy right? also snag'd me a pair of black heart earings gosh i love nordstrom rack like no other!

forever21 necklaces! kinda chanel inspired much? but yeah i usually dont wear necklaces much since i have a reaction to metals and leave that green mark? yaeh not attractive... but long necklaces is the way to go! short necklaces draws attention to my non existant neck so i do long haha.
Betsey johnson haul? got most of them from nordstrom and ebay. i love love love her brand like its so cute!!! the skull line i got on ebay since i couldnt find in stores and ugh i love it to death! i keep better tabs on my rings since they are getting pricey lol usually lose rings all the time.
extreme brand is amazing even though i had to remove my lashes i love the liners! they are so soft and glide on like butter? lol and after 20 sec it doesnt budge! heavenly much? its made for people who have false lashes that are semi permanent? i love this product and im thinking about getting the makeup remover hehe

I AM LIKE OBSESSED WITH DOLLY WINKS! i know its like hella pricey but packaging and how it makes the curvature of the eyes? beautiful! want to have them all to tell you the truth hehe! and ive been wanting to try gatsby products for along time and a little goes a long way omg.... haha pink pink pink love!

So I am a total package whore like.... if its cute and helps with my eyes? im going to buy it no questions ask! lol jk but I heard a lot of good reviews and omg the eye wash is intesnse! Like theres so much gunk left after you wash your face and all! im like... paranoid now with my eyes since my lashes poked my eye and gave me this... stye kind of infection? so i couldnt wear circle lenses for a long as time!!! sigh... take care of your eyes ladies! i even bought these eye wipes that janie (pretty and cute) raved about on her facebook i should post up a vid on those soon like a review? but yeah lycee products feel very refreshing and no stinging at all? i love it!

Shoes! i went crazy at like... forever21, nordstrom, and image i love bows and bling and just cute flats i cant wear heels to save my life, but i wanted some so i got a small heel? and i never bought cowboy boots before lol so i needed some hello? texas? who doesnt own boots?! im so late...

nothing fancy? cute flowy scarf with feathers at forever21 i swear that is my store lol and dress from agaci! ive been really liking flower print stuff lately

omg i havnt been into sephora in such a long time! i had to get foundation since its getting a bit warmer i put away my tinted moisturizer and went back to my beloved nars! i love nars... liquid foundation and powder to do touchups! my color is santa fe because im so white and want to stay that way lol being tan is so pricey and high maintenance foreals...

so yeah decent haul right? im going to finish editing a room tour video and get onto being productive! i hope you guys had a fab weekend! lots of love~

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