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by - Sunday, March 27, 2011

hello everyone! hope u guys had a fab weekend! i sure did hahah! i got to hangout with my friends and idk life right now is pretty nice! made korean spicy tofu soup for dinner and cooking it the second time and following recipe step by step... turned out AMAZING!!! idk is food still good for winning guys hearts? cuz i think im pretty good at this cooking stuff *cough* anywho onto the festival pics!

found injured bird... so many critters and bugs blah... but yeah my friend is so nice... gave it a piece of turkey and bread? so it has a choice? LOL

our ghetto ars lunch... it was pretty tasty! hahaha esp on my pink blanky

ahhh... all in all it was nice to look and admire things! weather could be nicer and less gloomy but eh thats texas for you. hahahah and did i mention we came there late? suppose to be there around 12 but friends didnt wakeup till that time? there was actually a friend waiting up there for us felt so bad T_T

days before the festival had a play date with my oh so talented friend and she takes such pretty pics! shes also my business partner/rilakkuma lover/gyaru ss/ haha shes just everything i like in a person?! want to find more girls in my area like her! we usually do purikura and talk about random stuff hahaha jacked these pics from her tumblr. i love tumblr. you guys should go be my friend on there and share eye candies *0*

omg mozart has this korean shave ice like the best ive tried so far! i love this more than yogurtland.... yes. i said it.

heheheh see what did i tell u? she takes the prettiest pictures! im in a ring obsession atm. i will post a haul soon! too lazy to upload from my camera.... lololol so yes.... busy busy busy! and had so much fun! we we so excited! omg... that friday song keeps getting stuck in my head i sorry if i made you partially blind for reading that one line... hahaha but yes! weight lost is going ok lost 13 lbs? not so bad? i need to get a lot more strict on my diet and combo it with hcg drops. i swear if im not skinny soon i will flip shit!!!! good night everyone!!!!!! march is already done and over i need to haul ass!

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