im a blonde gyaru loving girl && haulage

by - Wednesday, May 04, 2011

hehehehe hello! so as you guys know i am blonde! more gyaru eh? but people at work call me a white girl LOL sigh..... really wish there was more gals here in my area! so yeah its more of an ash blonde? and i just recently did the two tone style? left side is a light brown and right side is ash blonde! darkening the brown in a few weeks need to let my hair rest!

here is my cotton candy gyaru tutorial that i was inspired by a tumblr picture floating around its super cute and so easy! ok ok! onto the haul lol!

i also bought hair extentions? or tracks and created my own clip ins! i think you get a bang for your buck doing it this way instead of buying the clip in ones... u get more with the track! bought it at sallys and it came with a free hair case. its 18' and i colored it ashy grey and came out nicely! it was pricey though! i went on ebay and purchased more and it was waaay cheaper sigh lol! when in doubt. check ebay out!

went to 99 ranch in plano and got my asian product fix? LOL i have to stalk up on stuff since its such a far drive for me sigh... so i think i purchased the whole dolly wink set? well not the new ones that came out but i have a few now hahah also purchased a set of masks which im enjoying SO MUCH! i love the strawberry mask hehehe

ok i flipped shit when i went to nordstrom rack and saw the betsey skull rings so i bought two LOL i love her jewelry like no lie... and her handbags!

went to ghetto korean hair shop in arlington? LOL and saw these cute rose clips! going to do like a lolita look for akon HOHOHOHOHO! or coordinate it with my alice outfit.... yup going to go as alice, rilakkuma, and gyaru for the three day event!

so feather extentions! you heard? i love them to pieces! but so damn expensive!!!! we are doing it at my salon and charge 10 per feather so i went onto etsy and i purchased these? should of read the fine print.... the person who sold it to me glued them together which is not what i wanted and its smaller in person T_T!!!!!!! and pretty pricey blahhhhh lol i should take the time to read when i order things! but they are cute~ going to make a tutorial on applying them soon.

ok so this stuff ive been hearing about a lot so i decided to go buy them? i didnt know it was at ultas and other stores lol so i bought mine off amazon but yeah this is by far the best dry shampoo ive tried at a very reasonable price! it was i think 6 or 7 dollars compared to like...... ojons or fekkais dry shampoos and those give like icky residue in my hair but i just love these! smells really great and does the job!

ill update you guys soon! lots of tutorials and what not!

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