I guess I have a life now!

by - Friday, March 04, 2011

Im going to grace you with my rilakkuma happy ass self! JK missed me?

any who! sorry for the depressing title LOL! hello it has been forever! hauls been over collecting up and i fail at blogging just too many things going on! ill just fill u guys in! ill start off with the bad news?! as some of u guys may know my iphone was stolen at this party where i was trying to be social and stupid me didnt include the mobile me! phone fell out of my pocket while i was on the couch chilling and went out to get some air then i realized that it fell out i rushed in and to my amazement? it was gone =_= i swear.... never going to parties! LOL! especially crazy ones that i went to like hot mess much? like... i never payed much attention to my phone? at work i always leave it around everywhere? i truly didnt think ppl would do that at a small birthday party sigh... tip? dont trust anyone.... mother told me when i get married not to even trust your husband ahahahaha! lost a 600 dollar phone BAM! so yeah that was the bad part of my epic year? other than that things have been great! made new friends, being more social, exercising my butt off, completing my cosmetology tests.... life right now is the beginning i guess? when im done and save up money i want to buy my own place and go travel oh and be healthy :D
ive been like tumblr obsessed and neglected my blog so sorry! i should do both lol! but there was one follower who asked me for tips for her to be more social and my answer was... tomorrow is never promised and nobody will remember your mistakes! so live life to the fullest and be happy, treat others how you wanted to be treated... thats what i go by... i dont like drama nor do i hate anyone like its such a waste and adds unnecessary wrinklage like.. who the hell would want that?

OKIE haul time?! or some of it... yall know how i do... buy shit and lose it LOL story of my life! ok first things first is going to be makeup of course! i went to ulta before valentines i think ( i know.. been hella long!) and they had this cute valentine packaging! my sweet friend christine posted pics of her haul on tumblr and i had to get it like... i had to lol i bought the bronzer, blush, and highlighter! its super shimmery and pretty! also purchased a revlon gloss in peony and its so pretty! i liked the review that smurfette did on it and how its comparable to the nars lipgloss and it has a sweet smell to it too like candy? its a sheer pink with kind of a frosty glittery but very subtle!

nail polishes omg the crackle katy perry polish looks good from far away LOL like i was so excited and... results were not as great as i wanted hahaha maybe it will look good on the toes! clair's polishes are so cool! its mood changing so it gives like a gradient effect! all the polishes dry matt so clear coat is a must!

went to asia world market and they had all these lashes and of course i had to get dolly winks LOL and they had eye tapes too since im like learning how to use it LOL i really like the big eyes, but idk when i wear it too work it freaks out my co workers LOL!!!!!! circle lenses and eyetape is some serious business! LOL! also bought some candy... the best candy in the world! meiji what would i do without u?! and i restocked on face masks! im obsessed with masks and the feeling it leaves afterwards! plus they make nice gifts hehehe

so i wanted to go a darker brown since my toots were growing out and i want to do the two tone look soon? half blonde and brown so i bought a dark brown ( sorry forgot the name) but my hair kinda came out like black! i was like TOO DARK TOO DARK! flipped out and when like howl mode... when he was depressed when sophie messed up his shampoos? YEAH. i was on the floor rolling around like that hahahah, but after a few washes it faded and my highlights and stuff are coming back? i like my color now hahah its not too dark just right :)

hello kitty store after how long? the one in grapevine looks so boring? and the same old creeper dood works there hahah my friend use to work there and always complained of what a jerk he is hahaha omg but yes yes i saw a cute bag that kinda looks like my friends rilakkuma bag! and her birthday is tomorrow so i bought her the windmill candy thingy... so cute!

strapya haul! i bought a lot of rilakkuma before this one too but forgot to take pics sorry sorry! rilakkuma is like my new love! obsession? i want a room filled with cute stuff... why cant i have a rilakkuma store here?! lolol so yeah that and some iphone stuff going to buy me a new one i cant stand the phone i have which is the lg lolipop that doesnt get any service anywhere!? so yeah lolol bought a lot of stuff on ebay to protect the phone and ill be smart with this one... mmm ooo and i bought a pocky deco kit and another kit that makes cute bear and bunny toppers for ice cream? but im going to use it as moulds and make charms with them! so cute right? hehehe

nordstrom haul i just love that store! i gave into the toms fad? it looks like mummy shoes! LOL! but its for a good cause! for every purchase a pair goes to under privilege children! also bought a betsy johnson ring that my friend is sporting and some new shades! one looks like the one cl wheres in the go away mv! I WAS LIKE OMGAH!!!!! must have! LOL!

forever21 is my fave store or the only one that i shop at now a days? that and wet seal. im really liking terquise things and feathers like.... im going to be on a mission and find feather extentions lol

decent haul right? weekend will be busy and wish me luck for my practical! i will be certified to make ppl beautiful and make lots of cash money! i want to have my own apartment so badly! been helping my friend move and omg.... i was so excited to help with ideas for her new place! i really like it when ppl come in my room and they like it hehehe ima... have a purtiful home mhm! LOL!

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