birthday near a holiday = fail. (BIG HAUL)

by - Monday, January 24, 2011

funny pic? im obsessed with tumblr go add? its piinkstrawberii look it up! dont you hate it when you try to twist the oreo open and it breaks? ALL THE EFFING TIME!

LOL is it just me who hates to have my birthday close to christmas? its like u get less gifts that way... well i do... i get the short end of the stick bro! but im not mad... i got lovely gifts from friends and my mommy got me uggs! WAITED LONG TIME FOR THOSE~ hahahah OK been awhile yeahhhhhh im just stressing! drama at work, crushing, taking my cosmo test on wed, parents be tripping, just lot is on my mind! so i am sorry! okie so this is going to be a december till now haul? pretty big!!!! how do u like my photo edits? super kawaii desu?! idk hahaha ok lets get to ittttttt!!!!!!!! oh my birthday was fabulous though! i usually celebrate my birthday for a week! HAHAHAHAHA! celebrate it with different ppl? cant put my friends and family together thats just a hot mess to happen! moving on though~

ok so majority will be from sephora since... thats my store hahahaha... skincare items are low so i decided to go try new things! i thank the lord for samples i truly do! OMG I FINALLY GOT MY CLARISONIC! two years waiting and i gots it! and i have to say? my skin feels WONDERFUL afterwards! plus it came with so many brands that i like! i gave a few to mother though hehe so the skincare... ooowee! i am one dry bamajama! flakey scaly skin u know? the works! going to give you small reviews ha!

rexaline kit: came with moisturizer and serum for a lovely price as well i had to get it! good for dry skin and has anti aging propterties! good stuff
caudalie sorbet cream: goes on before serum and moisturizer! good for sensitive dry skin! has a nice smell to it and it doesnt feel greasy at all i really love caudalie products mmm
boscia lumanizing face peel: its a black mask that peels off suppose to refine pores and all that good stuff! high rated eheheh i didnt try it yet but im sure it will be great!
first aid beauty 5 in 1 moisturizer w/ spf 30: ok so im noticing im getting more freckles FUUU! so i am obsessing over items with spf! this product is suppose to help even out skin tone, anti wrinkle, sensitive skin, etc hahaha its okie the texture is a bit thick!

okie next is too faced bronzer, blush, highlighter palette! omg... the packaging is just so cute! ive always loved their bronzer hehehe! next is stila lip stain in mango crush its like a peachy orange color! can use on cheeks and lips! i sometimes forget to apply lip items so stains are always nice! i also snagged metro chick nail polish! i wanted a tuape kinda colored polish for awhile just didnt really took the time to look lol!

ok... tarino tarinto is pretty boss not going to lie! i love her packaging!!!!!!! plus few items were on sale so how could i say no? the jewelry box and the cream liners were on sale!!! and the sparklicity pallette ive been eyeballing for awhile! the shadows are so very glittery! and light!

i bought all these for myself just fyi... i know im like sad LMAO! but yeah... i got the temptu! YES! going to start doing airbrush makeup for clients now i must slowly buy the foundations! i tried this muffa in store and i loved it on! i got the holiday set that came with a free fondation bahahah sweet! also snagged sephora blockbuster palette to use on clients also!

lush i found something to help distress myself? other than going to king spa i like to take baths and listen to some good jazzy music! i dont remember what i got but the vanilla one? is my FAVE! thats my 3rd one i think hahaha im hooked! after seattle trip i found that galleria mall had it and i think northpark so i was pretty happy

ok now onto my UBER CUTE HAUL! i got from hmart, 10x 10, yesstyle! yesstyle is a trip! they dont give u track number and takes FOREVER! idk if i want to go there again but i bought a rilakkuma phone case and screen protecter! i love rilakkuma... hes my new thing! next to hello kitty hehehehehe also bought a cute pom pom charm for my bag! HEHEHEHEH

i tried to do haul vid but i looked ridonkulous trying to do so.... so ill blog it since its way past due! anyways i hope everyone had a fab holiday and new years! my resolution is to be healthy and to become better person! not to hate myself or give a damn of what others think! im going to try to do my best this year!

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