one thing after the other! just somethin short.

by - Tuesday, January 04, 2011

AH HI! been awhile i know! holiday times are busy for me since ppl be coming in to get glam-a-fied so i be working up a storm since thanksgiving? yeah! so i hope u guys had a fab holiday and new year! i feel so pumped for this year! im going to do all my resolutions this year! heres just a lil pic of christmas party from work! we went to eat sushi omgee... i didnt know raw fish could taste so good! i look super chinky and the korean guy in the group comforted me with the its ok my eyes are the same! wtf... ahahaha but this is just a quick post so that u guys dont think im dead!

ok so here are my new babies! thank you black friday for the fabulous sales! now i can take better pics and vids for u guys! u had no idea how hard it was to record with my other camera... had to use multiple mirrors just to see if im in the screen LOL! ghetto i know.... but im so happy for my purchases! the samsung cam is dual sided EHEHEHEHEHEHEH!

mhm i be loving bestey johnson stuff... and i died when i saw the skull necklace!!!! nordstrom me love u long time! and the purse i wanted a small black one since i have such large bags... just wanted something small and cute and it was cheap i believe....

ok so... remember how i said i want to be new person for new year this 2011? i went and crashed a viet wedding! LOL! man it was so akward.... we sat at this one table near the music area with two of my girlfriends and then all these old farts came to our table! and one mad dogging chick! geez lady trying to eat and she burning me with her eyes while the old farts undressed us with their eyes! all in all it was pretty funny! if someone asked me to do it i would do it again! u guys... im so excited for things to come no more waiting around for stuff to happen! hope u guys have a good one! will post up soon promise

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