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by - Friday, October 22, 2010

hehehe hello everyone long time no blog me know me know! so im doing a cl 2ne1 can't nobody look!? i should've taken more pics since this one looks so emo-ish... but yeah i really like her eyes when shes driving? SO HOT! i love 2ne1 with a passion such trend setters hehehe and i do apologize about my pic... so fob looking T_T

hahahaha yeah bad room lighting! but i really like her eyes its sultry and sleek! something i would do if i wanted go out late hehehe okie so onto my haul! duh.. pretty much all i do is blog about haul LMAO!

so ebay is my new best friend! i bought all my laptop protective gear and decal! its a ganster snow white whaaaa?!?!?! LOL! im going to deco the bandana and glove so freakn excited! and it was 6 bucks with free shipping can i get a hell yeah? good stuff good stuff!

ok onto sephora haul! i really wanted to try the shisiedo sunblock and i like it waaaay better than my goop one! it applies nicely and not greasy! and omg TOKIDOKI BRUSH SET!?!?!? i had to get it... its so freakn adorable and the brush hairs have a tint of color at the ends so stinkin cute and so soft! and i also got jose maran oil since my face is so dry i drop about 1 to 2 drops into my moisturizer and my face feels so niiiice!

i saw this at the mall the other day and i remember seeing someone post a gyaru pic on tumblr wearing this kind of shoe and i died! its so cute! it was like 30 somthin but i had to have it! plus the korean drama playful kiss? that chick was wearing it too! BAHAHAH!

went to saks at the galleria mall and i intended to go for ysl stuff, but they sold out on what i wanted so i decided to go to bobbi brown and try out their stuff since so many ppl rave about it and so this is my first bobbi brown purchase! i got a base for concealer and i really like the stuff and a touch up stick? i kinda lost that one... LOL but the concealer base is good stuff!

ok... i saw this chick do some tutorial on beach waves and decided to buy it omg.... i tried to do it and it was super fail!!!! i couldnt wrap my hair around it without being burned..... but the spray stuff is nice its sea salt spray that smells like coconuts mmm~

so thats my haul! for right now i kinda have another haul but thats for later post! i hope everyone is having a good one! weather is so retarded! can it be cold already! i look so crazy wearing leggins and jackets... bi polar weather be gone!

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