seattle lovin part one

by - Wednesday, September 15, 2010

long awaited? i know! so i pretty much fell in love with seattle and the shopping! thats pretty much all i did was shop... and love love love the weather! been use to texas bi polar weirdo weather so seattle was a wonderful treat? hehehehehehe anywho i stayed for about a month with my aunt who i adore since she took me out to eat and drove me around so i was so thankful for that! she lives in the middle of everything? the beach, downtown, and malls omg... why cant it be like that? instead of things being hours away from eachother its more like 5-30 minutes away?!?!! ugh... im really thinking about going every year and visit hahaha i freakn love it! weather, beaches, shopping? and not to mention i never seen so many asians in my life! i was like hyper ventilating much? HAHAH

ok... calm down.... hehe so here is the long awaited haul! next time i shall not pack much... since i had to bring another suitcase with me... i didnt get to take a lot of pics of the things i purchased and some got lost hahahaha so these are just a few things that ive gotten during my trip!

downtown shopping is extremely fun like... i took the train a few times and i had a blast! plus the gym was down there and china town was likeee literally down the street? so i love how everything was close together and theres all these amazing shops! so i freaked out when i saw lush store since i see sooo many blog ladies use it i had to get me in on that! the sea weed mask the after math hahaha lets just say i think i made a trail of sea weed pieces around the place x_x but my face did feel nice and it was fun hehe and i like the vanilla scent! i put it in my suitcase and my clothes smelt yum! nordstrom rack downtown though is a hot mess!!! but i did manage to find some cute shoes! haha

mmm so i wish we had a daiso store in tx and the one grocery store with the huge book store? hahaha i totally forgot what its called but it tops hmart and the other asian shops in dallas! i bought so many magazines! i went crazy! and i liked how some came with free gifts too hehehe and theres this bomb ass creme puff place and i love love love it! but i only had one the whole trip since i am on a mission to lose weight but i did indulge the first day i came to seattle x-x but yeah i love daiso store and prob went there everyday and spent a lot.... LOL!!!!

so this is just part one! next post will be lots of makeup :D sorry ive been away just lots of bad things happened and some good things but now im like goign to catch up on stuff and be more on top of my online life heheeh

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