seattle part: two

by - Thursday, September 23, 2010

HIIIIIIIII! so im excited to tell you guys that i have all my art programs i need to help me run things faster! so ill be blogging more and more videos! i think im getting the hang of it! so the ending of my trip? this post will have lots of haulage hahaha thats why i work so much... to spurlge... i want to go back to seattle so badly! maybe next summer! okieee so i went to the amazing space needle and the museums! i had the city pass so i went on the boat and saw so many things! i really like the musical museum? the guitar tower was super amazingly awesome! and the aquriam i got to touch star fishies heheheheheheeheh~

ok so i freaked when i saw h&m??? not just one but like 3!? i died.... i bought so much! i kinda forgot to take photos near the end of the trip.... i was just so ready to go home hahahah i was broke so it wasnt fun staying for a whole month! but yeah i purchased from delias, h&m, forever21, charlotte and some were on sale which is high five bc i soooo do not know how to shop for bargins! i just grab what i like and dont really look at price tags... its bad... but yeah h&m is the greatest and the jewelery is so cheap! i went buck wild! the clothing i like.... i like to pair with shorts or leggings so i like long tops and i love dresses! i rarely get to dress up since my job have to cover up and wear black :(

so i decided to try drugstore items and i have to say the carbon black liner is my favorite liquid liner and reasonable price too! im slowly trying out things but it gets pricey trying these suckers out and end up not liking it? polishes for instance... was on sale so i bought so many and they looked the same! i thought it would be close to the hidden treasure polish? that I WANT TO BADLY! but wasnt close to it waaaa! i looked online and its like around 20 bucks for that sucker... but anywhowwww i really like the dream mouse blush! its super light and gives me enough color! im blogging at work and sadly forgot what i got but they are both pretty pinks! i think the other one is a pink/peach color! the nail pens? IS AWESOME! i can finally doodle things! hahahaaha so when im doing nail tuts it will be easier! the red though isnt as true as what the box color has its a bit darker. all in all the drugstore haul was okie! wasnt too successful with the polishes hehehe

NOW for the big nasty sephora haul! i love sephora hahahaha! and there was so many over there too! i didnt see an ulta though? but all in all it was great stuff! so i deslike how sun block makes me oily and since i put a lot of product on my face as is so the makeup artist gave me the ptr sunblock powder to try. the powder is clear and it is great for the summer since i get a tad bit shiny, the dior lip maximizer i love this is like my fourth one and i just adore the stuff! i tried ysl for the first time and the lipstick? IS AMAZIN and it smells like watermelon! and i decided to try their face powder and it is very fine! it goes on nicely and doesnt make me look washed out or greyish? idk i never have luck with powders since im so dry but during the summer it looks really flawless! i also bought a juicy tote i had my eye on for awhile and it was on sale!? great stuff great stuff! lots of stuff was on sale! i bought a travel pink buki, a cute ocean theme brush set and a koress lipstick with spf! mmm i also got a new skin care regimen from philosophy and so far it works fine on my skin and it came in a bundle so i had to get on that! also got a new pencil sharpener from nars since i lost my duwop..... which im so sad to lose since it was expensive and anti bacterial?
oh and i got a free face exfoliant since i purchased four face products i got it fo free! see... big haul... i had more too but forgot to take pics my bad!

so i suckered into getting this? before my trip to seattle and it still messed it up? idk if others had this problem, but i didnt like it so i ended up just losing them hahahah

and i also ordered some deco from before my trip and she like UPGRADED ahahhaahah im so addicted to her store omg... reasonable priced stones and deco pieces and she always gives me a free gift and if you mention my name she'll give you some too! and the little stick picker upper thingy is a life saver! doesnt pick up the bigger gems but its perfect for the tiny ones heheheh

all in all trip was great! next time ill take pictures of everything i buy and blog more often! im so into crafting its insane! i did a booth at an anime convention and sold lots! i also gave free gifts to ppl who knew me from youtube? there was a few! it still shocks me that ppl watch it! so i might do it next year and ill show u guys my goodies ive made! i hope everyone is having a good week and state fair is on the way!!!!!

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