summer hair frizzle yuck

by - Wednesday, August 04, 2010

its soooo freaking hotttttt! i kinda miss seattle and the nice weatherr! tehehehe so this topic will be on how i take care of my hair and all my little secrets? not too big of a secret its just a little bit of math? for example sulfate free shampoos = healthy hair!!! what sulfate does is make bubbles but its no bueno for your hair... strips it and makes it blah! my hair would fall out so badly but when i switched to sulfate free my hair feels and looks better! no joke! leave in/deep conditioner = holy grail! and heat protectant items will do a whole lot of good for summer! gives your hair some ease! i mean with humidity and the blazing sun? and to top it all of flat irons and curling irons? HOT MESS FRIZZ CENTRAL! sorry to say but drugstore shampoos are poop :0 i might get hate emails but im just saying...

mk so the line that im using currently is by pureology and i swear by this product that is so amazing! its sulfate free and helps with color treated hair and they have a wide range for you to choose from say... if you want volume or hydration theres tons of it hehehe so im using currently is the super smooth line which is like a deep cleansing without stripping your hair of moisture! i like this better than my phyto cleansing shampoo which made my hair feel sooo so so dry... but this brand stripes only enough and gives u shine and hydration. and i also use their deep conditioner and apply it twice a week before bed! i actually sleep with it in? hahah what i do is damp my hair a bit and apply it on my ends then put it into a bun and sleep and in the morning i wash it out! trust me your hair will feel so amazing and happy! but be careful if u want to buy it? i dont trust buying it online (ebay) or in the stores? like target or grocery stores? its like watered down... i had a few clients bring it in and it looks runny? if u use pureology the stuff is hella thick!

so protecting hair from the heat helps a lot! if u dont want breakage and frizz you need to add these steps ladies! i like using a leave in spray conditioner after i shower and spritz pureology uv hair color protect all over and apply chi silk infusion on my ends! i feel that if u spray a leave in after you shower your hair feels super soft especially with its a ten i think i saw it at walmart in the salon part. and the chi silk can be pricey so alternative bio silk is good stuff too!

i usually dont apply a lot of styleing products in my hair but if i do it would be dry shampoo i really like fekkai's or ojons! it gives your hair volume and easily makes your hair look fresh! hair spray i use bed head, but only when i want to tease my hair which is mostly special occasions bahahaha but yup yup i hope the information i gave you guys help! and if u guys didnt know my computer is broken that has all my programs i need to edit videos and pictures so i guess it will be awhile! but i sent it in to get fix hopefully it wont charge me an arm and leg!

and on a lighter note... I GOT ACCEPTED FOR ART CONVENTION!!!!!!!!!! ive been trying to get in for year oh sweet lantaaaa hahahahah! finally they emailed me that it will be in september so im in the process of making cute sweets!!!! i also had to fill out tax papers which was pretty lame... but im just so excited to get this running! wish me luck! oh i have like a big ass haul and tons of nail vids since... im going to sell premade deco nails LOL!!! look outttt ;D

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