ahhhh you can spank me!

by - Wednesday, June 02, 2010

i am so so so bad i know!!! working like 45+ hours... and off only one day im like AH! but i gotta make that money for my seattle trip!!! any whoooo my contest is over and i already have in mind one person but it is so hard! so many amazing entries!!! ill also open another one too just need to make the vid later on today! any who!

ugh so my brothers room? somehow has bugs coming from somewhere?!?!? oh sorry getting ahead of myself... my parents bought my brother a bed set? and my bed set like my dresser i should say... is in my brothers room so my mother my crazy insane mother made us switch rooms so now i have this little tiny lame ass room! LOL and my brother repainted the walls into this... blue green color... anyways... i couldnt exactly fit all my things in the damn room... so im pretty sad about it! but yeah back to the bugs? i keep seeing these beetles that i hate!!! they like fly and smack into things and thats all i hear? they are not water bugs its tiny little long things... and guess what else i found??? a black widow?!?!?!?!?!?! making a web on my coach and bcbg boots T_T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARERGHH i could of died LOL!!!!!!! im so upset.... like literally i hate the fact we changed rooms and theres a bug infestation in that room... and working with my parents everyday and seeing them at home everyday? i think ill pull my hair out soon.. so stressed outttt!!!

lol so thats why ive been busy! room swap, cleaning, working, working, clean, work, sleep some where in between lol just so busy i dont have to catch myself sometimes x_x and having to babysit so many ppl at work and deal with clients i promise i doooo not get payed enough for this job hahaha, but im trying my best to keep up with everything! i have a lot of goodies i purchased! i wish i could bring my computer to work so i can multitask up here? im at work right now hahah very slow today! anyways i hope you guys have a better week than me!

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