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by - Monday, May 10, 2010

heheh hello lovelies! so there was a lot of bitter sweet goodbyes at my old job but hey i got my foot in the door? hopefully i will be doing more makeup at the salon i work at! it is prom season hehe! did a few of my family members! they were my pickiest clients yet hahaha! im excited for the weekend though! need to make a bomb ass flyer or somethin hahaha! my passion is to help others and to teach what i know tehe its just the feeling of making someone happy makes me feel unbelievable! so with that said... i hope in the future ill be doing something big? maybe with help of youtube and school idk hehe i wanna be like michelle phan! her and pam are my net idols :D

OH and happy late mothers day? i hope everyone had a good one! i always make my mom and family a huge breakfast, get her starbucks coffee, and flowers! my siblings... sleep in till like eating time? HAHAHA yeah useless little things... jk but yup yup! went all out this year? made french toast with chocolate chips and raspberry jelly YUMM! never made it before but ohhhh lordy it was good! i think i gained 50 lbs but ehhh its holiday *wink* heheh she loved it! score for me! and the ingredients? soooo freakn easy!

yummy french toast
for the ingredients all you need is texas toast, 3/4 cup milk, 2 eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg

  • mix the milk, eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg together in a large bowl
  • place the bread inside the batter and coat both sides
  • in a frying pan melt a little butter and cook! takes only a minute for both sides? give or take till it is golden brown on both sides
  • add a spoon of jelly in the middle and add choco chips then fold like a taco (HAHA)
  • add maple syrup and wala! yummy french toast! whip cream and strawberries are optional love!
ok so ive been obsessing over hats lately! my noggin is pretty big so i was thrilled on my first hat i bought from rue21? i always had trouble finding ones to fit my head... one size shiz dont work for me... need the large one HAHAHHA! but yes been seeing a lot of the hats and scarfs? i wanted to buy like tons of em but i am trying to budget myself? LOL i love sam moon... it has all my wonderous needs! pretty cheap too! denim, floral prints are on my mind hahah and tan! i got a spray tan not so long ago? last about a week but i think i like this color with my hair! heheh gyaru summer love here i come!

speaking of that... finally got my order from my sweet friend yuki! ive been craving chanel pieces for my phone? went on amazon and bought some cases so ill be decoing soon? hehehe and i also ordered egg and ageha magazines and they are my favorite!!! i cant wait to do a look out of it soon? my mom looked through it and it made me laugh... shes like they all do the same thing! and have huge eyes! hahaha! also got a free gift of gems! if you order from fullmoon tell her that phi sent u and she will give you a free gift also! im too lazy to get her url but just google fullmoon07 HAHAH!

summer is on the way and its time for some splash of colors! i love sephora opi mini set they came out with! its like for ppl like me that cant decide what i like hahaha this is just too too cute! i havnt tried the colors yet but it looks very promising? shades are very beautiful jajaja!

gotta give sephora brand some props? they are revamping everything and its only getting better? not just them but even like drugstore brand! its like they are stepping up their game hehehe anywho just a few things for makeovers ill be doing? the eye tape thing is genius! i only use one and what it does is help with the fall out from eyeshadows? it catches it! its super convenient tehehe! and the brow pencils arent half bad? nor is their lipstick!

new products to try!!! there are a few hit and miss! lets start off with smashbox new primer... this thing... is hella thick... its like difficult to get out of tube??? but i did notice my wrinkles and pores were minimized! wrinkles on my hand that is hahahah! their dna mascara i love! not the brush much but the conditioning forumula is lovely! nars the multiple is like a cream verision of their blushes? and the shimmer is much finer! i really like these! lasting power is also really good! now makeupforevers new blush issss a so so? a little goes a long way like trust me! thats a plus but it sometimes ends up making me look blotchy on cheeks! i would do this with liquid foundation.
hahahah if you get emails from dior saying your a member it could make u go dior crazy when your in store? like loyal customer? i am sometimes lol i just love dior! and i got these brushes and fell in love with it! its sooooooooooooooooo soft!!!!

ok so... i am always looking for skincare products? im obsessed with trying to make my face free of anything? hahaha im noticeing im getting dark spots around my cheek... like larger then my freckles? so im trying out stuff for age spots or anti aging products. clinique even better clinical is a thick creamy texture but feels very nice! i wanted to try nunu cleansing oil bc it has omega 3 and vitamin e teheheh i originally wanted to try the shu uemora but i like how the bottle looked cute lol! and ohhh ole henriksen sugar glow? is the shit!!!! i have dry skin so exfoliating is good stuff!

ok.... u know i be loving me some babyliss irons.... they came out with a baby one!!!!!!!!!!!! i died when i saw it!!!! i was like omg perfect for travel or styling my bangs hahah!!! i love cute small things.... but yeah i think my hauls will be tad bit small later on? my trip to seattle is drawing near and im going to be hella busy trying to get skinny and fit in a two peice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so going to work hella long hours hahahahhaha wish me luck? ill post again im sure! going to try to do tutorials on things more now and reviews! i hope you guys have a good week!

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