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by - Friday, April 30, 2010

hehehe hello lovely reader! so i did some thinking and decided to quit my job that i loved very much! i wasnt moving anywhere with the company... i could offer them so much, but things happen for a reason right? anyways im just gloomy about having to leave all the friends i made there? not saying i wont visit or not hangout with them it wont be the same is all, but yeah working at the salon full time and going to get the damn test over with! mmm also trying to lose weight and get into a two piece for the summer! yes... i said it! hahaha! im going to the gym pretty much everyday! need to cut back on the sodas sigh... BIG weakness T_T sweet drinks why are you so evil? i feel great though! so much energy! so much that i sleep at 4 in the morning! LOL! week has been full of interesting things!

but yes! i expanded the makeup contest time since i had very few ppl enter... common ppl! its tokidoki theme the sexy ladies on there? with the bad ass tats? do somethin like the eyeliner! hahah have fun with itttt! anyways im going to throw another contest for suscribers who cant do the makeup! so its going to be either random or someone who has a good story i could laugh at! idk which to choose hmm.... but heres just a few of what will be in the makeup pouches!

ok so im a pasta cooking freakazoid! i should make a cooking channel on youtube LOL! all my mistakes and all! i think that would be neato! hehe so yeah made a creamy shrimp pasta with bacon yum!!! i love cooking pasta... somethin about the noodles and mixing it with veggies... mm but totally not on the diet plan... sigh i cant eat just meat and salads... rawr... AHAHA cheating is bad... i know...

went shopping at rue21 anddd the two sweaters ive been eyeballin a couple of weeks ago was on sale for 6 bucks i died! im growing quite fond of that place... sales happen so many times! im like lucky! LOLOLOL! there were a lot of dresses too, but i have too many in the same style so i skipped out! i got a 30% off coupon though so i cant wait to use that! and guess what? i found a hat that fits my head!!!! i have like the biggest head ever... its horrid.... you can ask my mom she reminds me all the time how much pain i cause when she brought me into the world :D

ok so... have you ladies heard of sam moon? its a great place to buy bags and jewelery! they also have furniture and luggage stores and i found these cute ice cubes in shapes of gems? how sexy is that??? goshhh i cant wait to get my own place!!! i love making appatizers and yummy foods!!!
gosh i cant wait haaahahaha

and to end the post... watched the back up plan anddd i think this movie is soooo cuuuute! is there such a guy like him left in the world? i thought i had one, but apparently not ha. sigh jlo i wish i had your legs and pretty figure! she makes all her movies so cute!!! though there is a part in the movie with birth and lets just say it made me re-think having children... just a small part LOLOLOLOL!!!

its a small and pittiful post!!! sorry i dont have a bigger haul ahahhahah i notice i collect them up and blog about it later but i want to do it weekly or trying so! anywho i hope u guys have an awesome weekend and be safe! lots of love~~~~ phi

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