i noticed...

by - Wednesday, April 21, 2010

that i have way too much stuff and yet i keep buying! i gave my little sister many things today! HAHAH shoes, makeup, clothes, nik naks sigh....... i could turn my room into a store i bet... speaking of room im almost done with it so ill try to make a room tour soon! wells! ive been super busy as you can tell or follow my twitter you'll know ahahah! so yup give you a sneak peak of a couple of vids im working on? i have like four to work with and its a slow process.. but yeah im loving the double eyeliner style? its so sexy! and i am turning my old makeup table into my craft table soooo i blinged out these cute headphones i found!!! yes... ill bling whatever i can! WHAHAHAHA!!!!! now many ppl ask me where i purchase my stuff and its from a friend of mine who sells deco stuff for cheap! and if u tell her phi sent you she adds a gift to your order! how super sweet is that? fullmoon is really good stuff for cheap haha i get all my stuff from her but yup yup sneak peak a boo!

so i cant stop shopping obviously and will be broke for my seattle trip in july... GREAT! but i promise ive been good almost... my friend took me to rue 21 and i died in there... so many cute things on sale for 5 bucks so grabbed many things! i spent 30 i believe and got two jackets, a dress, floral blouse, ummm some other things ahahah! also went to new york and company and got a couple of shirts that was 30% off! see... im doing great? with sale shopping that is haha im still learning? i just hate looking through clutter sale racks... makes me mad and i give up, but times are hard so i have to try LOL! oh my ive been obsessing with lace tights! been searching everywhere and went to nordstrom and found some! and bought a betsy johnson ring bc... i didnt own any of her jewelery and really liked to add it to my little collections bahahahha!

makeup haul? the little summer harajuku bags were on sale and i thought it would be so cute to take for seattle heheh and i had to get another sephora palette! the one i bought before i gave to my friend for her bday LOL like i need anymore eyeshadows? the pigments though... are amazing! like no joke sephora came a long way wih their palettes... i didnt use primer and the colors were very pretty! had to get me some more tokidoki too heheh i should review the eyeshadow quads... maybe next pst or vid! oh and stila... the tattoo liner? is my favorite of all time... i love it much more than the kat von d... its AMAZING!!!

heheh so yes yes i went exploring and found an antique mall near my house and so i went in and it was the most cutest store ive ever been to! i was like standing there... drooling! HAHA! its like vendors set up booths for you to buy their goodies? and make it very pretty! theres also a cute tea lunch spot there omg i want to eat there one day... but yeah i was in heaven! i bought these glass tea cups that i see in k dramas a lot? yeah im a total freak... i like to collect house things for my future place? LOL!!! found some cute napkin bow rings and the brush set.... oh goshhh so beautiful! i really like victorian country things lalallaove it!!!

teheh remember when i cracked my blackberry? well i got a new one! this one is lighter and sexy.... im in LOVE with it too bad i have to pay 90 a month... damn you smart phones.... im going to find a case for it and deco it out! still need to deco my ipod and camera... im behind i know!

HAHAHA this reminds me when my friend ask me how much money i have since i always tell him im going shopping... and im like lordy bob im broke all the time bc of my spending! i need a sugar dadd er.... did i mention ive been on the dating circuit? lets just sayyyy i kinda hate it.... hahaha i only had a few bf and they were my friends at first so dating strangers is so harddd! eating is HORRIBLE first date!!! i have like... i hate when ppl eat with their mouths open and so these men... eat like that or didnt wipe themselves till they were done so talking to them with stuff on the face and trying to keep a straight face... hardest thing in my whole life.... i kinda want to just give up on guys i know im crazy for saying it, but its too stressful for me hehe im just focusing on myself! been going to the gym almost everyday! i feel more confident in myself and a tad bit happier haha at times i think i have depression problems or something my moods are weird... mom said im going to... menopause? wtf is that? old lady disease? :p

anyways yeah new layout still need to tweek it but im hella tired and cant see... eyes are dry and my blackberry needs some loving.... HEHEHE

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