march haul! did you miss me?

HAHAHA i fail when it comes to having me time... but i am off today! so im going to blog, make a few videos, clean my room, and go to the gym! all in a wonderful days work! ive been so busy with work! long crazy shifts takes its wonders out of me! by the time i get home im like k.o! and ive been trying to get this one guy to be mine? didnt work that way... he was too perfect and also very confusing... and plus he knows my uncle who is like not a saint hahhaha, but yeah life must go on... learned so much about men this week lordy! i didnt know some or like scum bags of the earth?! i knew there were jerks but the extent.... amazing...

but anyways i have a large haul that ive been lazy to take photos of and do short reviews on but here it goes! get ready for me to give you the longest most informative post you will ever see! ok no im only kidding ;p but it will be flip flop since i bought these at different time! so skin tips and hair tips will be jumbled in there... hahah

ok so as you guys know i colored my hair once again so i needed some good shampoo to do that deep cleansing! my poor shiseido shampoo had sulfate in it so i couldnt use that on my color treated hair... so i bought phyto reconstructor! i only use this couple times a week and switch it with my pureology hydrating shampoo and i also use phyto 9 ultra nurishing cream now this stuff is the shiz!!! i also got a few samples of the phyto reconstruct hair mask and slept in it? omg... i so highly reccommend phyto hair products! its love to the max. i highly suggest you ladies to use deep conditioners and hair cleansing products~

-shu uemura is like the best eyelash curlers hands down! i freakn love them! doesnt pinch and last me pretty long!
-of course i had to try josie maran... josie maran argan oil is freakn amazing! use it on anything! hair, face, feet just all around awsome product! i decided to get it in the moisturizing stick! i feel it works better than the oil! now with dry skin i do reccomend doing exfoliants twice a week or more if u like! i only use the stick for my face hehe its paraben and sulfate free so i think it can be a natural product! no synthetic dyes or smells so thats a plus! this thing is super hydrating and full of vitamin e and repairs skin cells hehe and anti-aging?? gooood stuff!
-tarina tarintino! do you know she doesnt like to be called by her last name? she has the same name as this gory movie producer guy thats famous for guts and scary hot mess... come on now... shes glitz and glam haha but yes! i bought that beautiful red orange lipstick! im starting to obsess over lipsticks now... harhar! but its very moisturizing! like it lots hehe and i swatched her amazing liners? can i get a hell yeah? i really like the white one... well three of them i like... so tempted T_T

ok so i walmart haul! crazyness?! i know... hahah but yeah i didnt like a couple of the products shown... i wanted to kick my butt for buying! mascara i see so many ppl use i deslike very much... it like clumped up on me, the face wash i like the little pad buff thingo, but the cleanser was making me breakout badly and irritaited my skin? the biore is ok but hurts like a crazy mofo! ugh i tear'd a bit hahah! but i saw the little white heads come out so yesh!!! biosilk is heavenly when applied hehe and the eyeliner by l'oreal i like much better than sephora liquid liner. all in all ill keep experimenting on it!

ok like a dummy i took pics individually so that i can review them but i should of group them and give mini discription! oh well hahaha!!!

-so first thing first laura mercier green pressed powder! its a mattifying powder and also helps with redness in the skin which is what i have... blotchy red desert like skin! though when i use tinted moisturizer i look oily as whoa so this calms it a bit! i prefer this powder over the tarina tarintino green pressed powder! that one kinda streaked and left me looking patchy and washed out. so i would reccomend this to someone with uneven skin tone and oily skin. this also minimizes the appearance of pores WOOT!

tarte tarte tarte? heheh so ive been wanting to try the primer and i have to say it is similar to the smashbox primer! its thick and balls up sometimes? this is an ok primer hehe and for the multieye im still trying it out! i think my lashes has grown a bit hehe!!!

-bare minerals mineral veil and handi buki? i think lol too lazy to look but i freakn love that brush! its stiff and doesnt waste product so i def reccommend using that brush for finishing powders or any kind of loose! and rare mineral eye cream i have to say feels nice when applied and my makeup goes on really well! it says it smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, boost firmness, and brightens skin around the eyes. i see my dark circles are reduced a bit, still see some wrinkles under my eye, but i like the product it is very light weight hehe and its free of the nasty bad stuff!?

(forgot pic sorry! too lazy to get it LOLOLOL)

-dr. brant collagen booster serum is light and feels nice on my skin! im out of my dior serum so i wanted to try this out! it has amino acid that helps bring a youthful skin back and reduces wrinkles? it also retains a bit of moisture? i have to try it some more hehe but my skin feels nice with it we shall see if it works! and its not too late to be using anti-aging products hehe im just paranoid i guess... wahahah

-benefit i think is one of my favorite brands! (dior, laura mercier, benefit, urban decay, mufe) HAHA im like mega makeup junkie.... but yes! benefit and their packaging who can freakn resist?! anywho since ive been wearing lipsticks lately it seems to melt off my lips a bit and somehow finds its way to my chin... so with the lip plump it gives this nude look? and helps it stay on! WOOT! and the eyeliner... is soooo creamy and i love how it has a smudger at the end...

mk so diors new mascara with the ball type brush? i like using this on my bottom lashes? for some reason it doesnt do well on my top? and the clinique primer is ok... im not really a fan of lash primers so ill keep playing with it hehe and omg philosphy lipglosses is the shiz... i love flirty girl!!!! smells like jolly ranchers and paired with my dior lipstick... sooo juicy yum! hehe bubblegum though is too sweet... i will be offering that into the contest wahah! dont worry i didnt open it! tried it in store waha~

-revlon photo ready foundation everyones been raving about? i have to say its okie hehe i like how theres shimmer in the foundation so it gives a pretty glow!
-sephora came out with a new limited edition pallette and its made with the new formulated eyeshadows so the pigments are awsome!!! and they pop out so if you need something quick and put into your purse then this is great! also has lip colors and blushes.
-urban decay recent eye primer i have to say i like. it gives a tint so it covers well and matt their new finishing powder i do like! feels nice on and i like the sponge application? its washable tehe! -nars has the orgasm in cream form?!?? its more of an illuminater? a pick me up type glow oh gosh i love it very much! and their duo eyeshadow i got them in the beige matt color hehe to me nars is like big girls makeup? sexy and sophisticated!
-korres antiaging primer texture is nice been wanting to try korres for awhile! they have this new querciten and oak? idk how to spell it but i heard its good stuff! its creamy and doesnt feel heavy at all!
-clinique eye roller! i like this it helps depuff the eyes and has a cooling sensation! so those late nights that i have.... hahah lets just say i look a hot mess the next day! kinda same as the green one from the drugstore?

lol ive been feeling sad lots bc of this one fellow who kept confusing me... older men i thought would be better than guys near my age or younger boy was i wrong... they are like foxes!!! evil... pure evil LOL! well not all... hehe so when im blue i go shopping and im guessing thats why i bought so much this month... haha and my poor cousin saw that and took me to dallas to shop and eat! went to hmart and bought my fave lashes! i love the korean brand darkness lash... its stiff and last longer than my other lashes ive bought and i bought a few face mask that was on sale for a dollar... couldnt resist that!!! hehe i love hmart... the food and cute things... reminds me of my cyndi!! ahah also bought paper stars... the fatty big ones hehe

so tokidoki is at sephora and i freakn love tokidoki! sandy and ciaociao is my fave! i was thrilled when i saw it online and had to get me some! i bought a lot more but thats for the contest and ill make a vid on it tomorow im so excited to have this contest!!! but yeah the eyeshadow quads come with a cute charm and cute packaging! the pigments are wonderful! ugh i want to collect them all! mmm also bought the apple pomegranent scrub that was on sale? and the oil but idk where that one is hahah i just love the scent of apples and ok... kat von d mascara... im in love with it! the brush is small so i can get all up in my lashes and the formula is amazing! i can actually see my stubby lashes!!! only thing though i had how it blobs up on the brush... maybe i need to tap it haha~

other haul~ i love ross and how i can find harajuku bags! this one is my favorite! super hero! oh did u guys see the new packaging on the summer fragrances? so freakn cute!! its spring so florals and nudes! im so so so excited! i think i like spring! its nice breezy weather and beautiful flowers! but i have bad allergies sigh.... and i suckerd down and bought coach card holder... my cousins have them and i wanted one badly! and it goes with my makeup bag SHAAA~ hehe

ugh... i cracked my bb screen... while trying on bras.... hahah and so its super ghetto looking and so i have to wait for insurance to be put back on my plan ( i took it off since... i never had problems...) ahahha so yesh waiting for that! and ill show u sneak peak of my fab makeup table! not quite finished with my room! but once its done ill be one happy camper! i wish blogging and makeing youtube videos would be my job? that would be amazing hahah im so broke now! car payments finally came in and its on the 12th of every month how inconvenient is that? 450 plus my phon bill thats 80 T_T gas 40 hm... i should watch myself or ill have no money for seattle LMAO!!!

Phiphi Nguyen


Thii said...

I've missed you :(
Funny is that I thought today: ..Where is Phi ?
hahaha :D

That's a supeeer long post ! *O*
Nice Haul, and thanks for sharing your experiences.
Sadly I can't see all pictures, my internet ist too slow -.-

Don't be sad..:(
Maybe he isn't the right person.. but don't give up your hope!
The right one will find you ;)
Most of the men are idiots.
But I think we can't help it and have to let them acting like a idiot. xD Being a Idiot is their nature..

Take care,
Thii <3

Daphne said...

Missed your posts, glad you updated.

on-amphetamines said...

totally know where you're coming from with the lack of me time.

there's no gym where i live but i'm gonna try to work out at home haha.

just wondering- do you have a weight loss goal or do you just want to get toned?

thanks for sharing & your recommendations, i really want to try the biore thing now even though you said it hurt and the tokidoki quads, too! so cute.

JoeyAnna said...

OMG love your haul!!
especially the make up and Toki Doki make up! <33

Veronica Park said...

Glad to see you back.
As always, your hauls are homg lust worthy.
You do it bigger than anyone, and the things you get are always on my wishlist >>__<<.

Do more reviews~

What is that second pic w/ all the swatches of?

Violet Honeybee said...

Tokidoki!! Shu curler!! Tons of stuff!! I'm so jealous!! lol I'm glad you liked the revlon foundation~ it didn't work for me though =/

DelicateWish said...

aww you always buy nice things :) *envy* im sorry about your bb screen lol and i hope you find the right guy soon! Also! i cant wait to see the make up tablee~

Katie Ngo said...

hii phi! iDK if it shows that im following you on twitter,but i am. its

I need to ask you Qs as well!

♥NaNa♥ said...

I adore shu uemura curler!! I don't go outside without using that curler!! LOL Great haul!! I like your belt. Can I still get it? If I can, where can I puchase the belt?

Shop N' Chomp said...

Omg, your haul is crazy amazing Phi! XD I am with you on the Shu curler and Josie Maran argan oil! Sorry to hear about your phone. Hope you're able to fix it soon.

Ansley said...

Love the lip color & Toki Doki stuff. so cuteee

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Thii said...

cute layout *O*