new skin routine && circle lens info

by - Monday, June 22, 2009

hehe sorry ive been away! just busy with work and so on but yeah ladies i hope u had a good weekend and fathers day! i bought my pops jack black face stuff and well... mom told me he wont use so ill go buy him d&g cologne later mhm

but yeah so my skin is super dry and scale looking under my eyes T_T so i bought dior hyrdrating cream and spray, kinerase face soap and toner so hopefully it will cure my super thirsty skin! cant find camera atm so made a collage :D
ok so a lot of you been asking me where i buy my lenses and its from i ordered from a couple of places but mostly from but that site is such a rip off... they arnt sold in pairs but by lens which is retarded? but idk haha so ive been searching up and found janie who is so nice and her site is easy to read and cheap? 20 bucks a pair i think and they are also selling contact casese that are so freaking cute! so visit her and her site is on her myspace too! and if i send her 5 people i get free lenses! which is AMAZING! so make sure you tell her phi sent you hehe
off today so i am going to clean and go shopping XD ttyl later <3
ill post some tuts up for the tube later :D

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