These Asian Shows Got Me Feeling Some Type of Way

by - Friday, January 23, 2015

Hello my baby boooooo thang! Recently I have been into these asian shows that show drastic makeup changes and it made me realize... when they are in relationships and take off their face in front of them... Like how would the response be? Luckily... I am ok without makeup... Just a browless golem with freckles HA. No but srsly... how does one even react... I love this gif bc I can relate.. I hate my forehead, but my friend likes it and thinks its a universal godly trait to have, well back in the day.

I watched this and a lot of chinese one... and I think this is horrible in a way? These girls look alright, but to go on tv and be poked at idk! But I cant stop watching it... I admit I do a lil enhancements here and there on my photos, but it looks like me still these girls look so different! I love watching stuff like this oh my god...

This one I like a lot their makeup is amazing! I really want to learn eye tape and glue... No matter how hard I try it never looks good on my lids...  Is it because I already have crease? I feel like its the crease change and dramatic lashes that can change a female haha! If I was on any of the shows and these dude be acting up like that to me? I would most def kick him. I hate the hosts on these shows like they look any better, but still its interesting to see the makeup styles

Here is mine... I dont really have that much of a difference? I feel really dolled up like I said with lashes and circle lenses! I have been really into lining my lips a bit more than my natural shape? Digging Kylie Jenner's lips! I know its been injected with things,  but hey the color is nice! I havent been doing anything crazy lately with my makeup since I work a lot and have no time... Plus co workers said I look better without it so hahaha I'll take their word for it! I just really despise my freckles... I feel like its cuter on others, but not on me... I wonder if others think this way?

My birthday was last week and I didnt do much? No big dinner no nada just something simple with family... I feel like all the friends I had changed and doing other things and the ones that I was insanly close to are nothing more than backstabbers who are so twisted into thinking I am a faulty person. No. One was so bold to be rude about it trying to make it into a contest that he was superior to me in every way like... no. ok u went to the army ok u going back to school and drive a nice car, but it doesnt give you the right to be an asshole to someone bc I had a fall out with the girl you are so in love with that you side with her for everything. I am the fake one. right. I dont hangout with ppl I dont like so... Idk what fake means to you sir. Bc I vented... In my own social media... I am getting backlash.. for something so small? This isnt high school anymore. To think I actually admired them and respected so much. Its ok to talk shit about each other behind ones back, but not ok for me to vent. Not playing vicitm I am keeping it real. What I have done? didnt compare to the shit you all did so with that being said fuck the fake friends and good riddance. That is all with my little rant haha

But with that being said birthday was nice and presents... Even nicer! Ever since I moved out and lived here for almost a year now? I really do appreciate the small things and family more... I took a lot for granted and I realized  I cannot be sad and dwell on the past like I always do... I move forward, but I am always thinking of the what ifs and all that.. I finally said goodbye to the ex for good and deleted everything... It has been awhile.. and I am just ready for my change to begin. I have started off slow with the meal prepping but going to add workout regimen soon. I need to love myself before I truly love someone else. Anywho... I hope you have a great weekend! Time to hit the sack xoxo

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