Simple Natural Eye Makeup For The Summer

by - Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hello my sweet! Sooo as of lately... I feel like as I am getting older I want to be more natural looking and youthful! I guess I am growing out of my gyaru inspired scene... Idk I feel like its less time consuming to do natural makeup plus family and ppl around me arent like omgad this girl got way too much on LOL its something normal of a reaction I guess? Or im getting lazy lol either way I really like simple looks its quick and if you want to glam it up more just add some lashes huehue! Ive been really into korean celebrities with their makeup and so I think I'll start doing more inspired makeup looks with that so im excited to launch some videos!

Here is a simple tutorial on a look I am always sporting! I feel like using finger when applying eyeshadow blends nicely! AND A HELPFUL TIP! instead of applying mascara to your falsies... use liquid liner instead! You may easily clean up the lashes for longer use vs. mascara which is a PAIN to clean and end up wasting a pair of lashes.... And diamond lashes aint cheap.... LET ME TELL YA!

Other than being natural looking!!! Im going to start on my diet cleanse for about a month or so... I guess I'll call it project skinny? I will prob document my whole weight loss journey so until then... Been eating REAL GOOD LOL. I will let your eyes have a orgasmic scene ok. Keep them panties on! Hope you have a great weekend!

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