its been awhile! update on little ol me

by - Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sorry i've been slacking on blog and youtube just life itself taken a toll on me... Just a big ball of feels!!!! Not all was bad... I got to spend time with family for the summer and before they all head off to military or school so it was nice to catch up and just relax for a bit!

So I guess I will wrap up the month in this post and hopefully be better at blogging and youtube more! Its just... as of late I havent been inspired or feel like doing online things lately? Like I hit a wall... I thought maybe I could actually start a life doing the things I love, but its difficult and taking way too long... I am in the process of moving into my own place and so I am about to work two jobs so that will be less time for doing what I love to do huehuehue I am just super stressed about it all! Not to mention My relationship atm... is super complicated ughs... One thing after the next I tell ya! The struggles are def real!

On a lighter note... I am going to be a vendor at afest which is an anime convention! I shall be selling lot of handmade goodies and also sharing table with my good friend christian who I tend to share with every year! I want to make a lot of kawaii items for this year and hopefully they sell off well! been putting a lot of work on these as well! and shit is not cheap I tell ya! I also have how to videos! and soon to come!

I will also do a tutorial on the skull bracelet soon! I am not sure about the felt animal one yet though... Tell me what you guys think about that diy!

Huehueee did I mention I ombre'd my hair? Yes I did it again! I think it would be nice for the summer plus I was getting sick of my boring black hair... I know I promised myself that I would stick to it, but I think brown suits me more! Not really sure if u can even tell by the photo, but it is lighter towards the bottom! I wanted to do a three color melting type technique, but the girl that was doing it didnt understand me so this took awhile to do and I ended up doing an ombre that was pretty high up lol... I was a ratchet blonde for a few days and hid in my room until it was fixed.

I did a shit ton of shopping for this month mostly because Ive been cleaning out my things and needed to bring in the new? I tossed a lot of tarnished jewelry out and replaced it with more my type style? I noticed I had an obsession with animal rings? and necklaces so I had a lot of elephants, birds, snakes just a lot of that and its not what I wear now... Which is mostly crosses and more dainty looking rings! Simple is so in for me right now hahaha

Other than being stressed out like no other and in the process of moving out and going on this 4 month cleanse.... I hope things will work out for me better and that my life will be on track and just happier... I honestly would love to be stress free! hopefully soon!

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