How to shop on Ebay

by - Thursday, March 07, 2013

Hello my wonderful reader! As you guys can tell from the title above I decided to do a quick tip video on how to go shopping on ebay! Ebay is the most amazing place in the whole entire interweb and I would like to take the time to share it with you! You can pretty much buy anything on here... even a soul or a baby (jokes) but yeah anything really for super cheap as well! Just need to have patients and a nack for it!

Jewelry on here is such a steal! I would spend so much at forever21 or other places until I found ebay... I bought SOOO much from here for half the money I spend in stores... So I recommend buying on ebay!!! You just have to search through many pages to find the best deals hehe

When buying you guys ALWAYS do research and also look up sellers info before buying! AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING PAYPAL! Makes life 10x easier! Because ppl do sell fakes and try to take advantage of nub buyers just saying! Be aware

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