February Favorites

by - Monday, March 11, 2013

Even though last month was pretty rocky Ive been trying many new looks for myself! I just want to move on from mishaps and just keep going forward! Hanging out with friends is always the best remedy! and finding old products you love in the past to be in your present? BEST SAVING EVER LOL!

SOoOOooO I have been really loving ombre lips? It is very popular in korea so doll and innocent like? Just bitten or just so kissable! I really like doing that type of look lately and anything natural looking? So many combinations to choose from! I'll maybe do a tutorial on it soon heh!

You guys know I have such a love hate relationship with my hair and... idk I just wanna color it all  the time, but I may never sob till its super healthy and thick as horse hair!!!! but yeah curls are a must when I go out and natural makeup is just so much easier to do when youre on the go! Big hair, big eyes, dolly kawaii lyfe is where its at?!

My nails been in style since forever... been rocking them rounded claw nails 5ever! but it is such a hassel to grow out... With proper care and taking vitamins they grew out nicely! and with the help of nail strengthener I cannot complain! I am an earth child, a rabbit/capricorn so ofc I am naturally pulled to warm tone things hehe

Spring break is upon many of my friends so it will be so busy and so much food to intake... need to workout extra hard hngggg! have a great week!

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