in seattle

by - Sunday, July 04, 2010

wow let me just say its nothing like texas! so many asians and cute ones at that hahaha im visiting my aunt and shes... well shes my cousins mom and she has this repeat problem? like... constantly ask me things she asked a few minutes ago, but my cousin does the same but its nothing close to her moms. whaaa... shes like the crazy asian aunt u want to avoid sometimes LOL i had no space to myself... i sound pretty un-greatful dont get me wrong shes nice and all just need some... ALONE TIME!!! hate to say but i rather spend time with my mom right about now? playing daughter until my cousin gets here is making the days seem longer *sigh* but anyways sorry ahahha the place is beautiful. the malls and chinatown? wtff? ppl walk around like its nobody business! ppl take the bus? wth?????? HAHAHAHAHA

but yeah when my aunt gets off her 10 day vaca ill do videos and vlog about my vaca sigh.... going to be here for three weeks... pray for me hahah

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